The Second, the Best: What Am I Doing Now?

Howdy. It’s me, Libby.

It’s my second post. Is that a milestone? Well, maybe it is, considering how many people start blogs and abandon them after one post (or even none at all). I’m still here.

Enough rambling, here we go.

In the last few weeks, I’ve:

  • Finished reading The Raven Cycle (I love Adam and Gansey wowee)
  • Started reading White Rabbit Red Wolf (nerds? Murder mystery? Representation and diversity? wow yes please)
  • Discovered that I’m even more in love with stationery (pastel highlighters=bliss)

So, what do I think about White Rabbit Red Wolf?


I only bought it from Waterstones (bless this store for having books, stationery, toys and sweets in the same building with an amazing scent) on Friday, but I’m hooked. Maybe this will be one of my fav books (I don’t have a fav yet-I’ve put my soul in so many books I’ve liked like some kind of nerdy Voldemort, not to mention I’m planning world domination haha).

Bye, and watch this space for more nerdy moments and references to HP.


Hello World! 

I’m Libby, and welcome to my blog!

I’m aiming to publish a novel. It’s been my dream for quite a while. Right now, I’m studying Literature, and I’ve been writing a few stories. One of them might be my debut.

Where’s this blog headed? I might post updates on my writing (debut novel?), my thoughts on books, and perhaps more.

There’ll probably be GIFs, fandom references, and puns (good and bad).

Watch this space.